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This is a senseless conversation, Done!
THE Slinger
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DP you really are a Delusional Person. 6 months ago you had a lot of stones and bait to cast. first stone cast here was "from the grave" oh go ahead and and say it wasnt you! just more lies. you were wrong there too. 

Afraid Im going to sue you? I dont need your hard earned money. you earned it all? right? LOL  im kickin ass! i earned it, no one handed it to me, I didnt have to sue for it. That is what you and all the other has-been and wannabe dealers you refer to dont like, if they even exist. you just cant stand it that i made another kick ass haul from a connection from you. you create your own wedges. you cant admit when you are wrong. 

I can sling many things and shit is one of them. AND i dont need to lie or misrepresent someone to do it.

bob i am 98% sure she was not a dealer or collector. from what i gathered she came into all of this stuff because either her husband died or she divorced him and got the house and everything in it. the stuff was from his family, she wanted it gone. but no she was not giving it away either. 

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Hahaha hahaha
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Becca and her husband used to have a shop according to my wife. She has known her for years through the post office. Her husband died, she has a daughter living else where. Her plan is to sell the house and move, retire from the PO. Eric is just helping her clean out so the house can be sold.

I think you two need to have a TV show, NETFLixs Original. Junk Yard Bitches, Antique Freak Critique, Clean out Ream Out, Fish Cut Bait or Argue about the morals of buying Junk cheap, Good money Bad Blood. I am sure there are better ones out there.
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